At a FootBalance Medical clinic, podiatrists and other medical professionals specializing in foot problems conduct an in-depth analysis of the lower limbs designed to test the mobility of the foot, ankle, knee and hip.

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I would like to take the time to thank you all so much for creating these amazing FootBalance custom insoles. I am a runner and paramedic and these insoles are amazing in both my running shoes and my heavy steel toe caps.

Carlotte H

Having used FootBalance 100% Custom insoles I have had noticed a great improvement in my running performances. I also have less knee & hip pain.

Claire S

When I use FootBalance 100% custom insoles, I feel light on my feet and run better and faster

Dick B, Brighton U.K.

I am a professional golfer on the LPGA Symetra tour and have worn insoles for a number of years. I recently came across FootBalance QuickFit insoles and absolutely love them.

Olivia Jordan-Higgins, South Carolina

I like to walk and FootBalance custom insoles make it a more comfortable experience.

Kate, Ireland.

I would like to give some feedback on my FootBalance custom insoles. But first I need to explain that I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on a variety of custom and other insoles over the past 25 years.

Matt M, Boulder, Colorado, USA

FootBalance custom insoles have prevented stress fractures in my feet as I have had two in my 5th metatarsal in the past three years before I found out about FootBalance custom insoles.

Sue D, UK

I am on my feet all day in my job and since I purchased FootBalance custom insoles I find that I no longer have the pain and discomfort that was in my legs and lower back at the end of each day.

Liam O’F, Ireland.

Thanks to FootBalance custom insoles I now walk properly, whereas beforehand my feet were leaning inwards. I also have full pain relief in my back since I started wearing them.

Marie McM, Co. Clare, Ireland

FootBalance custom insoles have reduced my pain significantly. They have also allowed me to do a lot more walking than I have ever been able to do in the last 5 years.

Gill B, Scotland, U.K.

FootBalance custom insoles provide me with better support when walking in boots and standing up for long periods.

Gilly H, Kettering ,UK

FootBalance custom insoles give me better stability during my pedalling action on the bike and increased comfort and better movement in my running shoes.

Ian P, U.K.

I have over pronation and generally have back and hip pain after walking only a few miles. Thanks to FootBalance custom insoles, I completed a half marathon with no pain at all!!!

Alta P, California, USA

FootBalance custom insoles provide excellent support. I have a very high arch on my feet and when the insoles were moulded to my feet I got fantastic support.

Pat C, Ireland

I bought FootBalance custom insoles at London's Ideal Home Exhibition prior to doing a long distance walk across Spain. With the FootBalance insoles in my walking boots I covered 500 miles in about 6 weeks.

Ray M, Rochester, Kent, U.K.

FootBalance custom insoles are simply the best all round insole on the market for sport and every day use. Each one gets better from Dynamic Blue to Max and now to Game (the yellow custom insole), which I find the best of them all.

Declan Corcoran, GAA Referee, Ireland.

For 20 months I have had a lot of pain, making it difficult to walk without a limp and running was out of the question. I have tried resting, exercise, heat, ice, physio, massage and ultrasound with no improvement.

Gaynor, W, U.K.

Arthritis in my knees eventually put me out of action from any exercise, starting again I invested in some FootBalance custom insoles and new trainers and the benefits are fantastic, still exercising with virtually no pain, highly recommended!!

Sue, Sheffield, U.K.

I recently bought a second pair of FootBalance custom insoles. I had a lot of pain running caused by an industrial injury but after six weeks of using FootBalance custom insoles my knee pain went totally!

Lee U, U.K.

I have been using FootBalance "Dynamic Blue" custom insoles and I truly am a believer! This product works amazing. My feet do not move around in the shoes. I used the insoles for long walks and running.

Helen G, California, USA.

I have been suffering from a painful knee for some years now. I have also had a very bad back since last April which made life difficult, including just getting up off the sofa.

Simon G, UK

I got my new FootBalance custom insoles yesterday in Elverys Sports Clonmel and I was taken care of by an exceptionally helpful girl. She was very enthusiastic about FootBalance and explained everything to me.

Edel O'G, Ireland

I was initially skeptical when an office colleague of mine recommended your insoles from RoadRunner Sports. He had suffered from the same conditions as I did (high arches and resulting tibial stress syndrome).

Jose M, California, USA.

FootBalance insoles have made an enormous difference to my life. I was unable to walk far at all, having osteoarthritis in my feet and toes. Now, I do not have the awful foot pain as before.

Sylvia W, UK

The FootBalance custom insoles I had made for me have helped me enormously. I find that I have more comfort when walking and have no pain in my feet anymore. I strongly recommend them.

Gerald M, Ireland

After wearing FootBalance insoles for a month now I have to say these things are amazing. No more shin splints and I'm able to run further and longer without any discomfort. Highly recommended for everyone.

Phil M

"After 2 months of wearing my FootBalance insoles in my gym runners, I put on my old runners (without FootBalance insoles) for literally 5 mins and the right foot was sore with no support.. I love my insoles...will have to buy more."

Louise E, Ireland.

I was in terrible pain until I bought FootBalance custom made insoles. I noticed a massive improvement within days. The pain is now totally gone, they are just brilliant.

I purchased FootBalance Dynamic Pink Insoles.

Winifred F. Co. Galway, Ireland.

Hiya, I have a very painful plantar fasciitis (pain under your sole), and these insoles are a godsend.

Tracy S., United Kingdom

I love my Footbalance footbeds! I used them during my six days at SXSW in Austin. I walked for miles during that event and my feet were perfectly comfortable - never a moment when they felt painful or raw. Thanks a bunch!

Ryan A., U.S.A.

I have never been able to run more than 6 miles without experiencing a lot of knee pain.  I decided to give Footbalance a try.  I ran 6 miles today without any knee pain at all!

Corene S., Ogden, Utah, U.S.A.

I have now been using my FootBalance footbeds for about a month and can't believe what a difference they have made. Thank you so much! I would definitely recommend them to other people.

Rachael W, London, England

Really dug the footbeds. They immediately gave my boots a much more aggressive fit. Power transmission was improved.

Kevin Luby, Associate Editor, Skiing Magazine

I have been diagnosed with arthritis in my hips 4 years ago and my mobility got progressively worst in the last year. I have always been very sporty and was beginning to get very frustrated with my limited activities as my hips were very sore.

Katie, UK

I had these custom fitted for my running shoes. They have almost eliminated my IT band pain and tightness. They have eliminated the pain in my arches. I will never run without these again! I love them!

Lois G, Oregon, United States

My husband is a very outdoorsy guy, so when I first met him, I told him that I was happy to do most things with him, but I really disliked hiking.  Over the years he's tried to share his love for the trails with me, but I dreaded and suffered thro

I found the insoles brilliant. I went to Spain last week and walked a lot. Before I got the insoles the backs of my legs would be very painful but with them in I had no pain so thank you, I am a very happy and pain free walker!

Margaret Nolan

I have recently suffered a collapsed left arch causing severe pain in my left foot. The analysis was exceptional and physically showed me what the doctor had explained.

Kieran Walsh

As a runner I have run a number of marathons, until a stabbing pain in the sole of my right foot forced me to cease training. Eventually the pain became so problematic that I was forced to take a break completely and visit the doctor.

Jonathan, Lahti, Finland

After a couple of rides with Footbalance footbeds I realized how amazing it feels when my feet sit firmly in my cleats. Now I can easily do seven hour rides without my feet aching.

Antti Leirimaa, professional cyclist, Finland

I have always wanted to walk or run for exercise, but my feet and lower back have been a problem for me. Since purchasing my Footbalance orthotics I am now walking / running 2 miles per day without foot pain or back pain.

Linda G., Ore City, Texas

I am a 40-years old guy who works as a nurse. I am on my feet a lot throughout the work day. A few years back I noticed that my feet got really tired at work and that my soles and arches hurt.

Harri K., Finland

A couple of winters ago I tried tour skating in Vuokatti. The rental boots for the blades were really hard and uncomfortable.

Maija L., Helsinki

So far they are great. At the end of the day after being on my feet all day, my feet still feel good. Not so worn out. Thank you.

Pam S., Santa Cruz, California

After suffering from multiple annoying foot problems and different running injuries I decided to try custom molded footbeds.

Joonas Harjamäki, steeplechaser, Finland

I love - love - love my Footbalance insoles. They never left my feet while working the Killington Eastern Outdoor Reps Association show. Thanks.

Debbie, EORA, U.S.A.

With softer, roomier biking shoes this sole makes a big difference. It makes the shoe feel stiffer and steadier, and stiffness is what you want on longer tours so your feet won't get tired.

Toni J., Helsinki, Finland

I put the footbeds into the pair of MBTs that I had and have been wearing them a lot. I put on a pair of trail runners yesterday to go for a walk, and there was something wrong… the shoes just felt “off”...

Julia, Boulder, Colorado

You compelled me to send you feedback on the fitting for me in Atlanta, Ga. at the Cobb Galleria recently. I will say I have worn them in several of my shoes, and I can tell a major difference already.

Cleon L, Augusta, Georgia

I've suffered for a while with knee problems from running as a result of poor alignment; I tend to overpronate quite a lot.

Michelle W., Kent, U.K.

My lower back used to ache when playing golf. My friend suggested that I go and get the Footbalance insoles. After that I haven´t have any problems with my back.

Markku, Finland

Footbalance insoles feel good inside skates. The individual molding brings a better feeling to skating. The insoles are also sturdier than standard insoles, so it’s easier to have an impact on the position of the foot.

Arttu Luttinen, Espoo Blues Hockey Team, Finland

I have had back and leg pain from hitting balls on the range and playing 18 holes of golf. I purchased a pair of Footbalance molded blue products at my Golfsmith store.

T. Hargett, Round Rock, Texas

I have used the insoles in Korea, India, during the qualifications (that went well!) and now in Morocco. What I have discovered is that I experience less fatigue in my feet now that I am using Footbalance insoles compared to before.

Johanna Lundberg, PGA Sweden, Ladies European Tour Member

I just wanted to give you some feedback on your product.

Beckey H., Nurse, U.K.

I tried out the insoles at Intersport on Saturday and got very good help from the head shoe salesperson. I've gone around a bit with the soles to get used to them, and have gone on two short jogs.

Camilla, Sweden

With the help of Footbalance Insoles I managed to improve my record at Pirkka 90 km cross country ski race almost 50 minutes. My ankles did not become numb during the ski as badly as before and skiing felt good. Thank you!

Sami M., Helsinki, Finland

My pro keeps talking about being balanced when I swing. When I was analyzed by the Footbalance group at my Naples Golfsmith, they pointed out the large amount of movement from my left to right foot.

J. Menninger, Marco Island, Florida

I have had back and leg pain for years while playing golf. I used to enjoy walking the course but had to stop. I purchased FootBalance custom insoles in Naples and I feel better walking and playing after each round.

B. Hauser, Naples, Florida
8 18

The insoles helped me stay more balanced with my golf swing and made my golf shoes super comfortable and more stable. Getting my soles molded was not only easy, but very fun.

Chris S., San Diego, California

For many long years I've had pains in my feet, especially in my heels. Previously I tried all sorts of aids in my shoes, but nothing helped.

Gunvor, Raufoss, Norway

I tested for the Marathon Val de Reuil a revolutionary product for the feet - Footbalance insoles. The insoles are tailored and molded to measure in the shop, so they are customized and permit the correction of anyone's problems.

George De Arajo, Croix Mare, France, marathon and cross

I have Footbalance insoles and am super satisfied! Great support for flat arches, and it was incredibly fast and simple to do them when buying my shoes. They were also very affordable in comparison to orthopedic clinics. Warmly recommended!

Annika Ö., Stockholm, Sweden

The insoles give me great support in my snowboard boots. They keep my feet in place and feeling good all day. With Footbalance I'm riding longer - my feet don't cramp up and my legs don't get sore!


Robin N., San Diego, U.S.A.

<p>As a professonal basketball player I require lot from my shoes. With the custom-made Footbalance insoles I can make every shoe fit my feet perfectly.</p>

Hanno Möttölä, basketball coach and former NBA player

Alpine skiing has been much better for my toes - they're not cold anymore! With the improved blood circulation in my feet I can ski at least an hour more per day.

Kristine S., Oslo, Norway

It feels amazing to have such good contact with the course, as if standing on a soft surface! My ankles feel more mobile than before, and I haven´t been suffering from the shin splints that have been troubling me since since I was a teenager.

Anna-Lena Vilo, Golf Federation, Norway

My feet have remained healthier after starting to use the insoles. These are already a second pair I'm using and running without them is no longer an option…

Kari K., Järvenpää, Finland

The insoles feel really good when running. It seems the foot stays much better supported and in place. Altogether I would recommend getting them.

Saija V., Helsinki, Finland

As a mountain guide my feet are my most important working tool. After I started to wear Footbalance insoles all of my foot problems have practically disappeared. For example my usual toe numbness is gone!

Pette Halme, UIAGM mountain guide, Verbier, France

I just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU for making those insoles for me at OR. I can’t tell you how much of a difference they have made in my foot comfort. Today I woke up without any pain in my feet for the first time in months.

Karl W, U.S.A.

I joined the Footbalance Facebook page to say that I had terrible pain in my right knee while running. The minute I started using Footbalance insoles, the pain disappeared, and I'm up and running again - pain free.

Noa K, Israel

Working on your feet 5 days a week, 8 hours a day is painful. With the insoles, all my aches and pains have disappeared.

Tiina Mills, Hairdresser, Helsinki, Finland

Customers have been very satisfied with FootBalance custom insoles. Runners and athletic customers especially have praised the reduction of stress on their lower limbs.

Pasi Lambacka, Physiotherapist, Finland

Footbalance insoles have been a great help in fixing chronic back pains and faulty biomechanics. Also, good results have been obtained in cases where the knee had recurring pain but no obvious malfunctions could be found.

Niko Rotko, Physiotherapist, Hoitopiste Rotko

My job description has become more diverse because of Footbalance Medical. I have gotten new kinds of customers and it’s also easier to help my old clients with their problems.

Jukka Ritola, Physiotherapist, OMT

Working with the material is fast and easy. Customers have been satisfied, because the insoles fit every kind of footwear easily due to their thin form.

Jouni Lybeck, Physiotherapist, Malmi Physical Healthcare Center

Better feel and maximum performance with perfectly fitting boots. That is why I use Footbalance insoles.

Jukka Leino, Ski coach, former Finnish National Ski Team racer

Footbalance Insoles are part of our family's everyday life. As a corporate lawyer I need to stay focused at all times, and feeling at ease in my footwear actually helps me to concentrate better on the task at hand.

Hannu K., Corporate lawyer, Helsinki, Finland

I have a severe case of flat feet. Having the insoles made and popped into my shoes, I could feel the difference it made straight away. It was almost like getting custom shoes made - but, much easier, friendlier, quicker and better!

M. S., Falmouth, U.K.

Tough games demand a lot. Footbalance insoles help me stay healthy, and my feet last longer.

Mikael Järvi, Captain of SSV (Vikings Floorball Club), Finland

When you play hard, it is crucial that your shoes fit perfectly. That is why I use FootBalance custom insoles. I take good care of my feet even on my free time - with proper insoles.

Henri Kontinen, Professional Tennis Player, Finland

For me, the Footbalance insoles have proved really useful, in particular those blue insoles for training shoes have been really good. In the spring of 2007 a physiotherapist made orthotics for me, in order to ease a strain injury (a nerve compression) in the right ankle. However, those were not good for running.

This may sound like a commercial, but with the Footbalance insoles I was able to run better and

Minna Nieminen, World Championship Rower and Olympic Medalist

Throughout my life, I have been very active. Since the age of 5, and through today, I have played vigorous sports year-round. This activity has taken considerable toll on my body. I recently started using Footbalance Insoles.

Branden T., La Mesa, CA

”As a nurse I am on my feet 8 – 12 hours a day and injured my left foot that caused me to have back pain.  Because of my Footbalance insoles I now prefer to stand instead of sitting because I have better balance and they are comfortable.  I am als

Juliet L., Monterey, California

Played netball in my new Footbalance insoles this evening - very comfortable... forgot they were in my shoes very quickly.

Annie E., Truro, U.K.

I made a bet with a friend last year that I would go through a half-triathlon this summer. Even though I wasn´t going to race like a maniac it did require “some” training to prepare for it, especially running. And that wasn´t always a pleasure, especially when my operated knee decided to co-operate a little less at times during exercises.

Jukka L., Helsinki, Finland

For years I had trouble walking in the morning because of Plantar Fasciitis. I went to see a Doctor, and I started to wear a pad under my foot. The pad worked fine but it was bulky. My friend at "Footbalance" told me that I didn't need the pad. I said: "Is that so?", so I scheduled an appointment.

Alain Brouillaud, 2007 & 2008 Tennis Coach of the Year (Finland)

I love my Footbalance Insoles! The fitting process was quick, easy, and even fun. I had pretty bad ankle pronation and Achilles heel pain before. Both conditions have improved greatly after several weeks of running in the insoles, and my shoes have never felt more comfortable to wear.

Karim H., San Diego, California

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Cushioning refers to the thickness of the footbed. Light cushioning would be a thinner footbed whereas maximum cushioning would be a thicker footbed.

The required cushioning level is based on the footbed use and to an extent, the wearer's personal choice. High impact sports generally require more cushioning to absorb shock and impact, whereas sports such as cycling or walking require less cushioning and shock absorption.

The level of stiffness or support required is dependent on the footbed use as well as the wearer's physical characteristics. Greater support is needed when doing high impact sports where the foot is placed under high or intensive pressure. A heavier build person or someone with severe over pronation will also require a greater support than wearer with a lighter build and a neutral gait.